Thursday, July 13, 2006

We live in a beautiful place...

I love where we live - I open the windows and hear the birds (although I think there's a hawk's nest close by cause I hear more screeching these days than usual), and when I look out my windows I see beautiful pine trees and tops of houses. It's still a bit cloudy so I can't see the hills past our neighborhood, but that's OK.

I turned down Banfield again. I think/hope that I left it open enough so that if something unexpected happens, then I will have maybe an option, but I also made it clear that I am not comfortable changing jobs right now. I think it's the best decision. Now I just have to seriously consider the merit of going back to school online. Right now I can't get past the cost, and how we'll pay for that - I am a terrible financials person. I had hoped that Ben would take that over, but he doesn't seem to have any interest in it either. And I'm interested in managing it, but have no willpower. Blech...hate talking about money!

Anyway, Mina is still snoozin - we contacted a playmate of hers from back in Atlanta who was a little younger. A full Dane named Marley - they played together often at our local dog park and were in puppy kindergarten together. Marley is TALL now, 34" at the shoulders. Parkey, her "mom", sent me some pics back. She's totally adorable. Mina has definitely turned us onto Danes as a breed. But we're staying a one dog family for awhile longer, that's for sure.

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Nat said...

Can I quote you with the "We stay a one dog family" after I showed you some really cute looking puppys? Just kidding ;-)