Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, today will probably be the 4th day in a row that it has hit 100+ degrees here. Yesterday and Sunday it was 111 in the parking lots...and 105 or so just in the yard. It's dry heat but that's still freakin' hot. I hope it goes back down in the 70s soon..

Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow night. I'm excited but also nervous as I really need to bring up some topics that aren't going to be all that comfortable..like my little brother's future....I am really nervous about that because I really want them to hear what I have to say and I don't want to mess it up by getting frustrated..

The Banfield interview went pretty well I thought. I liked the team alot and felt like they liked me - I was honest when I told them what I did and didn't know - they're working in a newer technology than I do right now...but I am really not sure if I'm ready to leave my current job. The interview was from 9 until almost 1:30 so that was long - and I was really tired yesterday.

Mina got sick while I was gone - thank goodness it was on the pergot flooring downstairs and not the carpet. Her tummy has been sick since 4:30 Monday morning, because on Sunday she ate some things out of her norm... We'll not do that ever again! Ben came home at lunch and cleaned it up since I was gone - bless his heart. Sick doggies, esp 85 pound sick doggies are no fun!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

another one of Mina :)

This might be my favorite LO of the week - I thought the beauty one was cool but I think I like this one better... it just feels AWESOME to me when I actually like my finished work - all too often when I finish a page I hate it but don't know how to go back and make it better...

Anyway, the journaling is: "My family laughs at how we treat our dog - she eats veggies, goes to "doggie day care", graduated from kindergarten, has set naps, the whole nine yards. And I do admit that we probably go overboard with it. But in the eleven months she's been withus, we have developed such a bond of companionship, loyalty, and friendship with her, that the lengths we go to with her aren't anything out of the ordinary for us. We love her so much and love the fullness she has brought to our lives. She has her moments, yes, where I want to scream because she's just destroyed something valuable, but the majority of the time, she's wonderful to be around. She is so much more than just a pet to us - she's a companion, friend, confidante, playmate. We are grateful that she is in our lives." Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love the new workspace!

After I put the craft room back together a little bit, I sat down and actually USED the room and it felt AWESOME! I got so much done, because I was able to spread out like I like to do...
I tried my hand at writing (well doodling) on a photo...it was OK...I was really nervous about it!

And then I did one about piercing my nose - I love scrapbooking any which way - no set dates to go by, don't go in order...just DO IT! That's so freeing!

Possibly my favorite...the June Muse totally inspired me!

And a lesson from Ali Edwards about circles...love those underneath the title! Posted by Picasa

some layouts

These photos are horrible - I need a good wide scanner, but oh well. This is an old layout about my temp apartment in SC. I didn't realise until I was moving out how truly small it was. All my stuff, including me and 2 cats, fit in my MINI Cooper when I left. God I hated that place.

And the other LO is our group of ATL friends and a favorite sushi hangout. I love them AND RuSans!
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My new tables

Ben was supposed to come home at lunch yesterday and help me carry these upstairs into the craft room. But he had some issues at work and had to stay through lunch...and the impatient person I am, I carried them myself up from the garage, which involves some tight turns and lots of steps. It was hard to do - esp since the long table is 6.5 ft long. But I DID it! LOL

ANyway, here they are in their new home, and I've already been scrapbooking on them - I love how I can spread out now! And have my sewing machine on there too. Now I'll finally try some sewing on my pages!
*Already full of stuff, LOL Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Building furniture!

Well, I didn't get to scrap this weekend, but it was because I had decided to build myself some new furniture for my craft room. This months Creating Keepsakes had an article in it about building craft furniture for cheap, so that's what I did - I started out with 2 tables and I think next weekend I am going to build a bench or some shelves. Or both! LOL

And I got my June Muse kit on Saturday - so lovely! As soon as I can get these tables in my room, I'll be ready to use it!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ho hum....

It's Friday, and well, I'm really glad. This week, actually the past two weeks, have been super busy and we've had guests, so I haven't had nearly the time to scrap as I wanted to. So I have devoted most of the weekend to holing up in my craft room and getting some stuff done! I am excited about that - also, I am excited b/c the June muse is on it's way to my hot little hands! I always get REALLY excited to get the latest kit from them - it's like a little Christmas each month, LOL...

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Say what??

Mina loved playing in the sand last week at Cannon Beach. She wasn't a big fan of the water, but then when it's freezing, I'm not either! Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Nose pierced!

Can you tell what's different about me in this picture? That's right - my nose is pierced! Joslyn and I went yesterday to Captain Jack's on Hawthorne - she was going to get a belly button piercing and I wanted this. Well, unfortunately, OR state law would not allow her to be pierced because she isn't yet 18 and I couldn't sign for her since I'm not a legal guardian. But I still got mine - the process was very quick and it only hurt a little, less than my belly button piercing I think.