Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So I've not yet gotten the hang of this whole blogging thing - posting every day and what not. But I'll give it a try - who knows - I might have a lot of fun - it certainly seems like there's a lot of people out there who enjoy blogging (and reading other people's blogs).

There are several key, crazy things going on in my world right now. 1) I just quit my job in South Carolina to take a better one in Atlanta. I'm so happy to be coming back to 'Hotlanta' - I love this place, as smoggy and full of traffic as it is. And I'll be back in technology, working with SQL which is what I love best, so that's good too. I'm also glad not to be working in manufacturing anymore. But my commute to this new job was going to be like 45 miles because I still owned a house outside the city. And now it seems that I have an offer on the house! Kind of a lucky break, I think - although the offer is only verbal at this point. I'm REALLY hoping they get me some kind of paperwork soon to sign so that it becomes binding. Or that the other couple who's interested will move on it and make me an offer. Now that I have had the chance to actually consider living in the city, I really want to sell that place!