Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Love the new workspace!

After I put the craft room back together a little bit, I sat down and actually USED the room and it felt AWESOME! I got so much done, because I was able to spread out like I like to do...
I tried my hand at writing (well doodling) on a was OK...I was really nervous about it!

And then I did one about piercing my nose - I love scrapbooking any which way - no set dates to go by, don't go in order...just DO IT! That's so freeing!

Possibly my favorite...the June Muse totally inspired me!

And a lesson from Ali Edwards about those underneath the title! Posted by Picasa


Nat said...

Love your LO's - you rocked them out!!! Love the one about your nose piercing and your doodled one- that turned out really cool!

~Donna~ said...

I enjoyed you seeing your layouts!!