Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lovely rain

It is raining today, the first time in a few weeks. Today it is nice; it makes me feel peaceful. And Mina isn't being a pain cause she's still tired from playing all day at "doggie day care" yesterday. I realised I need to do something for Mom cause her birthday's next week. I think I'll create something - lord knows I have plenty of stuff already here to do that with.

Everyone is talking about sneak peeks for the CHA Summer show...that would be so fun to attend. And I have to miss the CKU-Atlanta this year, it's the weekend after I'll be there for A and P's wedding. Oh well - I think it would be fun to go to a different place altogether for it. Maybe somewhere in CA...anyway...

I made a book for my MIL the other day but forgot to take pictures of it. LOL, I also forgot to send any sort of note explaining what it was to her either, but surely she'll figure it out. I can be such a ditz sometimes.

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