Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mina helps celebrate Ben's birthday

Mina was all about Ben's birthday. She "sang" him a birthday song, and even consented to wearing a party hat and sharing her peanut butter with him. It was very cute.

I fixed Ben a nice dinner on his birthday, and on Friday we're going out for sushi at his favorite place, Masu. With the money his family gave him, he bought an effects board which hopefully we will get reimbursed for later by WaferTech as the one he had originally did not make it here. And then he'll have his birthday money back to use on something else... probably more stuff to play guitar loudly ;)

I took yesterday off and went with my friend Martha to the Oregon College of Art and Craft - it was so cool and lunch there was fantastic! We both had lentil and butternut squash soup, olive brean and an autumn salad, and carrot cake for dessert. All homemade, all tasty! Then we stopped by Cornell Farms to look at plants - they had some great stuff, in particular to get design ideas from. Posted by Picasa


Nat said...

hahaha - ahhh love those photos - thanks so much - I needed this! Happy Birthday to Ben!

Charlie and Andy's Mom said...

Mina, You are so cute!!! Happy Birthday to Ben!!! Love the hat.
Charlie and Andy

Deb said...

Mina is the Queen! Too Cute! Happy Birthday to Ben. Your little trip sounds great and all the food made me hungry. Hmmm, that has been a recurring theme of late.