Monday, September 25, 2006

Back from the ATL

Back from ATL this week. I think their new logo and re-branding idea is totally dumb and a waste of money. Anyway, I spent last week there for work - getting some "face time" in the office and going to lots of meetings. I always forget how many there are when I'm physically there. Also I stayed with friends and remembered painfully what a commute was. At one point it was 90 minutes....and they live 14 miles from my office.

But it was so worth it, and so much fun to see everyone and reconnect. I was even able to catch up with Jessie and Jason in Chattanooga. I was sick for most of the week, but it didn't really matter - I still spent as much time as I could with folks - hopefully I didn't pass on too many germs.

I am back and now I need to rest - my sense of time is all crazy and I am still not feeling 100%. But work is a little busy today, and Ben's car is in the shop and will be another thousand to repair, I'm sure. I know that used cars are a "better deal" financially than buying something new, but damn I love a warranty. Although I really think Ben should investigate a motorcycle and just keep one car. We shall see.


Nat said...

Hey - good to have you back - missed you! sorry to hear you were sick- hope you feel better now!

Deb said...

YIKES, I have the crud too! I swear it is from flying. Welcome back!