Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here is a link to another blog I read pretty often...since it's getting to be fall and this is an election year where I HOPE AND PRAY we will take back the Senate and/or House, I am starting to get involved a little more with politics, and I really like the links this blog has to articles and stuff. The links in the URL below are some of the most interesting discussions from a social science standpoint to why so many people who in the 70s and 80s would have been Democrats, are now primarily (and some almost violently so) Republicans...

Deb, I am mostly interested in your response to these - if you have time to read them..


This is the first year I will actually be involved - I have signed up to volunteer with MoveOn.org - Sept 11th, if nothing else, changed the way I think about politics...Sounds silly I guess but the way I feel like I can honor their memory is to become more active in our civic process so that this won't happen again to other innocent Americans.


Deb said...

Me? You have pegged me correctly as a political junkie and a "GASP" liberal. Wow, I love the link you posted. I have never seen it. I started with the series by Sara Robinson and became engrossed in reading them. Very interesting and enlightening. I tend to agree with the links I have read from the page. I have bookmarked it and intend to go back and read more as I get a chance. Thanks for sharing. I firmly believe that many folks who call themselves Repubs are really just RINO's (Repubs in Name Only) and they have just bought into the lies that have been vehemently repeated over and over. When you look at the statistics of what Americans really believe, the majority is remarkably "liberal". We believe that diversity is good, we believe that a woman should have a choice, we believe that discrimination is bad, we believe Gays and Lesbians should be protected from discrimination and should have the same rights as other partner relationships, we believe in Unions and the right to join a union, we believe in a living wage etc. These are not "Republican" values so I often wonder why so many folks claim to be Repubs when poll after poll shows the results to be that the majority of Americans believe the things above. Then there is that whole hijacking of the masses by invoking the religion thing. Come on, do you really believe that God told Bush he selected him to be our leader? Scary stuff. I had another blog (forum) that is not up and running now since we are moving servers (it was related to my radio show) but there is a politcal section on it where I have written many things. Once we get that back and running, I will send you the link.

Keep us informed on your actions. I am most definitely interested.
Thanks for the links and I intend to read more of them.

Deb said...
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