Friday, September 15, 2006

gardening bits

Check out this little guy - he looked totally happy crawling around one of my roses. I don't know why I am so good with roses - I think it's because they are actually easier than a lot of people think, not because I am all that good. It could also be that this area is known for growing roses...cause food and clipping (I almost said cropping - you can see how ingrained scrapbooking is to my brain!) are about all mine get. And this house has three beautiful rose bushes - pink, white and a gorgeous tangerine one. 2 are climbers and the third is one of those patio-type things, that has a stalk and then sort of a rounded bush on top, like a topiary kind of thing. Anyway, these are also things I enjoy photographing. And these are "easy art" for me - I like showing places we've been or things we've seen at home...and so these will probably end up on my craft room walls...along with the other roses that Ben photographed from the Internat'l Rose Garden in Portland. Love that place!
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Deb said...

Gorgeous. I have a rose bush the blooms like mad if I leave it alone. It was here when I got here. I planted one this year that died. My SIL, who has beautiful roses, told me it was not getting enough sun. Guess she was right!