Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, it's August and I'm so glad. Although this month is going to be as crazy as the last one... Ben and I decided that we were OVER July.

My co-worker has had a emergency that requires him to return to India for a few weeks - I am his backup so that means I do 2 jobs this month. Fine by me - I just hope his family gets well. I am also supposed to take vacation one of those weeks - thank goodness my boss says I still can. I am willing to work from TN one or two days but not the whole week, because this is for our wedding reception. So that's kind of more important - so glad she understands.

In other news, we're halfway through obedience class which is nice but it's going by too fast - I guess if I practised more with Mina I would feel like we're getting more out of it... I am having a craft gathering this weekend - hope it goes well. I think it will be fun - I am always impressed by the different crafts that people do. My neighbor makes needle-felted purses, and another neighbor paints watercolor, another one embroiders, and yet another makes bead jewelry. Too cool! And there are a few people who are interested in making a scrapbook for this or I am looking forward to sharing what little I know about it with them.

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Jami said...

I am glad that it is Aug. also. I am sorry to hear that you have so much more work on your shoulder but at least you still get to take a vacation. You will need it after doing double duty. How did your craft gathering go? That is such a neat idea.