Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Birthdays rock!

My birthday started on Friday when my next door neighbor made my favorite snack/dessert, apricot bars. They're so yummy and she brought them over still warm! Friday night we grilled out and several folks, along with their dogs, came over - it was a dog party and a people party. Lots of fun, plus lots of pomegranate martinis, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Ben went against all he believes in and bought me a kickass Apple iPod! It's so cool, and the pic shows the cute and cheesy inscription he made on it. Several friends were so sweet to get me birthday presents as well - a giftcard from Michael's, a leather storage box, a beautiful set of 6 woolen dinner napkins, and some lovely modern-art style home decor pieces...I love birthdays!

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Nat said...

This is sooo sooo sweet!!!! Totally love this! What a gorgeous gift!