Friday, August 18, 2006

Mina leaves for camp

Since we're on vacation next week, we decided that Mina would enjoy a week at a doggie "adventure camp" So she's staying at for the week. She's been there once before but I must admit I was a little teary when I dropped her off today as she's never been away from us for a week (never more than 2 nights)...I know she will have fun, and I trust these folks to take excellent care of her. We will miss her though.

My family doesn't believe it's a little schoolbus that picks them up...
She's happy and ready to go...although after we sat there awhile I think my nerves got to her and she was getting a little apprehensive herself. I should have brought some cheese for Sam to give her. Posted by Picasa

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Nat said...

Oh my Gosh - that is a little school who picks her up - that is too cute. You gotta scrap that. So so sweet. Wish you a gorgoues vacation!