Friday, January 05, 2007

Well, it's Friday at lunchtime

And I am so glad that it is. I am actually *somewhat* ahead on ScrapMuse kits(one can never truly be ahead when you run your own business but you know what I mean). And my DH actually went to the grocers yesterday so we have food, and more importantly, COFFEE. :)

My New Year's resolution was to commit to putting the cats on a diet...alright, alright...and I'm going to watch what I eat too...mostly cause I feel hypocritical, LOL... They're one helluva lot friendlier now that they depend on ME for their food. Kind of nice, really.

It's another gray day in the Pacific Northwest. My day job is going OK - still trying to find ways to keep myself motivated on projects instead of just putting out fires but I think it's because it's been so long (a year at least) since I actually was in project MODE...I am getting the hang of it though.

My cold is gone, thank goodness, and just in time too - we're taking our neighbor and his wife out to Alameda Brewhouse tonight for his 30th bday. I am looking forward to it b/c we haven't been out with them in awhile and they ALWAYS show us good places for beer in Portland.

Mina is doing fine - my other New Year's resolution was to take her on at least ONE walk a day on the days she doesn't go to doggie day care (I can hear my sister laughing). So far I am upholding this resolution OK. It's important to me b/c buying ScrapMuse has really cut down on the time I spend with her and I want to do at least one thing with her each day.

So that is that. The house plans are moving along nicely too. I am so glad we decided to close at the end of January - with all that's going on, rushing it like every realtor and builder wants you to do, would have just driven me bonkers.

Have a super weekend ya'll!


nat said...

arrrghh - you are going to a brewpub - mmmmh -. you have to tell me about their beers! LOL - about your kitties - I should keep Niles on a diet too - he needs to be friendlier to me too! Hugs to you

Deb said...

Glad the cold is getting better. They have hung on endlessly around here. UGH! I know you are excited about the house, it is going to be fab!! I need to walk Maya more but I just am not motivated most days. We play inside and that wears her down a bit. I need to put myself on a diet - we shall see!

If ya ever get to Little Rock or Memphis we have a place called Flying Saucer, over 200 types of beer. Also in Little Rock we have a couple of micro brew joints and a brewery called Diamond Bear. I love trying new beer... and I used to hate the taste of beer.