Thursday, December 21, 2006

Only 2 months behind...Deb this one's for you!

So December's Muse went out last week and I am so glad. That one about killed me, what with all the products that were coming in at the last minute and not in at all....I was up until almost 2AM boxing and shipping and stuff, and then back up for my day job at 6AM :) I learned a lot from the experience so it was worth it.

Anyway - January's stuff is mostly here or on its way, the DT kits go out tomorrow and I am so ready to go on holiday. Tonight we fly to ATL and then drive to TN on Saturday and spend the week at home, but we'll be back in WA for New Years. Our neighbor M's 30th birthday is on the 31st and so we'll be partying with them which will be nice as they live 4 houses down and we can walk home :)

Our power went out last night, and now my computer won't turn on. Scary as all my email and files are on it. I think it's the processor fan, which sucks but is better than the hard drive. But that still means, most likely a new motherboard which is several hundred dollars that we don't need to spend. And to be honest I'd prefer a laptop (even though I already have one for work) because it's just more convenient and the work one I don't put my home stuff on, but I can do all my work stuff from the home one...anyway...a few hundred dollars versus a couple grand is no contest right now when we're in the midst of purchasing a home....

:) Enough of that. Please have a wonderful holiday and I wish you all the best for the coming year.

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Deb said...

I hope you have a great time at home. Happy Holidays and hope the computer is not major $$$.