Thursday, September 06, 2007

Random bits of news

Have you checked out our Rouge de Garance contest? You totally should - the RDG papers are beautiful, and there's some fabby prizes to be had!

Sorry if the website has been acting up the past couple of days - we're getting more and more traffic our way and while this is good, it's causing us some growing pains :) Thanks very much for your patience while we sort things like this out.

All the pieces of the September kits are finally here! And they will be shipped a few days late, b/c my DH and I are going on vacation next week. We're taking a cruise to Alaska!

Totally excited about that. And I'm totally excited over a piece of software that my friend Nathalie pointed out to me - It helps you keep up with your favorite blogs - any of them who have an Atom or RSS feed, which most do if they're on blogspot or typepad or LJ. Very cool, thanks Nat!

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Deb said...

Can't wait to hear about Alaska and see some pics.

Welcome back!