Thursday, March 15, 2007

Product Review...UHU liquid glue

So I got some samples of UHU All purpose, Liquid glue and would love to share my thoughts on this product.

First, the price point of this product is $3.25 I believe. (Looking on
The bottle is 3.2 ounces, and the design fits nicely into my hand. You can use the glue three ways: as a small pointed tip, narrow glue strip, or wide glue strip.

I took this glue with me to the Ali Edwards Discover Home class last Friday, and I must be honest, I was a bit unimpressed with it at first. The main reason is that it is very runny and so it is easy to use too much. Which is what I did, all over the cover of my Junkitz metal album. A little saddening, but ah well.

As the class went on, I got better at going lightly with it, but it really wasn't until today that I feel like I was using just the right amount. This is all with the small pointed tip, by the way.

Today I also tested the narrow and wide glue strip capability of this product...I was less impressed with that - again easy to overdo... The way you get the flat gluing surface is by twisting the top of the bottle around, which is a REALLY cool idea, but somehow the narrow tip part still sticks out a little bit and so really you end up with a line of glue that you have to work to smear around, which gets glue all over the sides of the bottle and then have to wipe off, else you'll glue the cap to the bottle.

So all in all, I will not be carrying this product in the store, and my favorite liquid glue, Aleene's tacky glue, is still the 'reigning champ' in my book.

Here's a link to Maria Filosa's blog if you'd like to try some UHU samples for yourself:


Catherine said...

Amanda - I am a huge fan of Aleene's - and also found it in a tub so you can use apply it with a paint brush easily....and - sometimes if I think it's to thick I add a little water to thin it Aleene's....

Anonymous said...

Aleene's all the way. Heard they were updating their packaging too, it finally is going to look like a 21st century product too. I even heard that their new aerosol spray is coming out in Michael's and JAS in the next couple months.
Love it!

Vicki C said...

This is good to know! I have only used UHU glue sticks and really like them. I LOVE Diamond glaze from JudiKins , for everything! Not just coating, and embellishing ,but adhearing. It dries clear and quick! (just wish it was not so pricy)lol

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Hey Amanda, I need to call you. We need a sub for our neighborhood bunco group Thursday the 26th. Are you interested?
email me

Catherine said...

heavy sigh. . . ;-)