Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back from CHA

Gretchen and I on our first morning at CHA. I was totally overwhelmed at the whole thing, but Gretchen helped me cope, and made excellent suggestions on how we should "do" the show and where to go when. She was my compass and she was invaluable (although we all knew that already)!

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing Vicki and Cat! We had lunch together several times and even had dinner with Cat - it was so wonderful to meet them all in person!

Check out Cat with her new book! You can buy it here -> Cat's super awesome book

And last but definitely not least for this post is Vicki and the gorgeous wedding dress she created FROM PAPER for the AccuCut booth. The photo I took doesn't do it justice b/c our jaws dropped when we saw this thing for real...

also beside it (sorry, it's hard to read) is a lovely invitation/announcement style placard that had Vicki's name displayed prominently as the creator of the dress. She also did the bouquet that you see on the table there.

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