Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lush stuff

A couple of friends back in ATL turned me onto this store - they learned of it from a friend in England who's in love with their stuff.

They urged me to go to the store and report back, as there's one in Portland, and I must say the first time I went I was totally overwhelmed.

I went back last week to buy something for one of my ATL friends and ship it to them (seems to be faster that way than ordering on the website), and the store manager talked me into some facial toner and moisturizer. She also gave me samples of an exfoliating scrub and a heavier 'nighttime' moisturizer. Now, the stuff is expensive (43$ for 45 g of product!) and it smells weird, the moisturizer smells awful, and the salt scrub smells like margaritas, which is weird on your face, but holy cow do they work! And I think they're going to last awhile, so that's good! Posted by Picasa

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